Summer Speedo Cleanse: Part 2

Good Morning.  Just over 15 hours into the cleanse and no noticeable changes other than having to urinate much more than normal.  TMI?  We both got up 3-4 times last night to hit the bathroom.

We are ready to tackle the cleanse and here is what we will eat for the next three days.  Looks pretty good – right?

The Strawberry-Grapefruit Smoothie (and my vitamins, enzymes and probiotic) for breakfast today and the following two days…

2 thoughts on “Summer Speedo Cleanse: Part 2

  1. Nicely done! Would I really,really have to give up the coffee? How about 2 espresso/day, no added dairy????

    • Well, I think you could switch to decaf and use Almond or Soy milk creamer. That is what I do when I have a craving. Seriously, elimination of caffeine has changed my sleeping. So much more restful.

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